James Avery, the actor who portrayed Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (and also Shredder on TMNT, actually) died yesterday. That is a bummer because Uncle Phil was the best TV “dad” there was, even though he wasn’t really Will’s dad. 

On a related note, while not strictly about Avery’s death, the above video clip is making the rounds again, with people claiming that Will Smith went off script in it because his father left his family in real life. This is not true. The lines were in the script. Will Smith is an actor, and sometimes they do things like act really well. His father was actually, according to Smith himself, a pretty good dad. He was still around until Will was 13, when he and Will’s mother separated.

This has been your Knowledge Fact ™ for the day. RIP Uncle Phil.

I found a creepy glitch of my own. I was feeling retro and played some Hexen II. After killing a Medusa in the third level hub (which is Greco-Roman themed), her head ended up spinning around in the air. A few minutes later, it happened again, and more frantically. (Medusas in Hexen II also open and close their mouths repeatedly on death, so it would have been nice to catch a frenzied severed head repeatedly opening its mouth on video as well, but I’m too slow.)