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June 1, 2011

I think I broke my Facebook feed, so here is an adorable ferret video to test it.

April 16, 2011

Adult Swim aired a bump tonight that references my first article I wrote for!

It says:

“Hold on. We just read that between 2003 and 2008, 108 people died from ‘cattle induced injuries’, but only four people died from ‘shark attacks.’ We’re sorry sharks, we had it all wrong.”

Today’s film is called Hell, and that should probably tell you a lot about it right away. It’s a stop-motion piece by David Firth, creator of the bizarre web series, “Salad Fingers”. It’s a strange claymation trip into utter fucked-upedness. Few words can describe it, so we might as well just get to it. Enjoy. …

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When you need to get a message to someone these days, you’re not hurting for options. Between ten billion social networks, e-mail, instant message, text message, or getting real old-fashioned and just calling them, we’ve got it pretty easy. But how secure are those communications? Ostensibly, they’re secure enough for day-to-day use. Realistically, they’re not …

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This week, we’ve got a disturbing mockumentary by Dutch filmmaker Floris Kaayk called “Metalosis Maligna”. The film showcases a rare (that is, non-existent) and truly fucked-up disease with very sinister overtones related to humankind and our effect on the world around us. Enjoy. This is why I don’t go into Home Depot anymore.