Every horror movie that catches the least amount of attention gets a shitty remake, and it’s been about 5 years since I did anything new with Weird Shit Blog, so here we are. Will studio interference derail the project and lead to years in development hell? Er, no. This metaphor got fucked up.

Anyway, yeah, I decided to redesign Weird Shit Blog to move some of the longer-form pieces away from Tumblr, which isn’t a great platform for long stuff. Why WordPress.com? Because unlike the Gods that live between worlds, who rule over the darkness and endlessly shout into the nothing, WordPress.com will never die. Or, well, I hope it doesn’t.

My Tumblr is still around, and all the material is still there, but I also ported some of the more interesting blog entries over here. In the future, the Tumblr site will be used as another place for short-form hexts, like Twitter and Facebook. Longer posts will go here.

I didn’t just reboot my website for the hell of it though. I’ve also finally finished my short story collection, Other Gods! I’ve uploaded it to the Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo stores. It’s still processing, so I’ll have a separate post with purchase links later this week.

That’s not all that’s going on, though. Stay tuned. Between the bursts of static and the strained hiss of a tape deck on its last legs, you’ll learn new things.

See you again soon.

US First Lady Hillary Clinton (L) listens to quest

Hillary Clinton does not think enough of the truth is out there. As The New York Times reported Tuesday, she thinks there may be something to all those reports of UFO activity.

“There’s enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen making them up,” she said when asked if she believed in UFOs during an interview in April with “The Breakfast Club” on radio station Power 105.1 FM. She has pledged to declassify government files on aliens, if they exist, provided that there’s no national security risk.

You guys, Hillary Clinton thinks that UFOs might be real and I’m simultaneously puzzled and elated.