Other Gods update

Quick news — Other Gods, my book of stories so scary, the press won’t even review it (go on and look, I’ll wait), is now exclusive to Kindle in eBook format.

The bad news is that Other Gods, my collection of short stories so terrifying, the Government is unwilling to acknowledge it, is no longer available on Nook, Kobo, or Apple Books. (It might still be very briefly if you check, like, right now.)

The good news is that Other Gods, an anthology of stories so chilling that Hollywood executives refuse to adapt them for television or film, will very soon be available in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and on Kindle Unlimited. Probably in like 24 hours.

Other Gods, a compilation of tales so frightening that only some people have been brave enough to read it, is still available in paperback for a new price of $9.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold. The price update may not have rolled out everywhere just yet, so if it still shows $10.99, just hold tight. Or buy it anyway!


The Process is the Product

One of my favorite movies of the past decade is Beyond the Black Rainbow, directed and written by Panos Cosmatos, who you might know for his big film of 2018, Mandy.

In the film, a 1960s group of metaphysical researchers start a compound where they study psychic phenomenon. By the time the film picks up in 1983, this has gone terribly awry.

One of my favorite TV shows, Lost, follows a similar theme. One major plot of the show has The Dharma Initiative, a bunch of hippie scientists, come to the unnamed island in the 60s to do tests on electromagnetic anomalies. And, of course, it falls apart in the early to mid 90s.

5 years to the day before I was born, a man named Jim Jones convinced the citizens of a town he created, Jonestown, in northern Guyana, to take their own lives. Originally, he and his followers started a peaceful commune, but it quickly became a religious cult due to Jones’ paranoia.

These are stories that fascinate me.


“Why’d You Unfriend Me?” How I Decided to Leave Social Media

In the past, I likely would have put this on another blog, but this is the only one I’ve got now, so if you’re just here for the spooky stories, I apologize.

Recently, I’ve gone through a sea change when it comes to social media. In the past, I was optimistic. It lets me keep in touch with that cool guy from my old job! It’s a good way to network with other writers! It’s a nice way to connect with my remote co-workers! My mom can tag me in cute ferret pictures!

Lately, though, I just feel like social media is a bit of an albatross weighing society down. Let me share why.


He Turned to Me and Spoke

This was originally on Reddit’s nosleep board, but the mods took it down because it was “non-horror”. I think it pretty clearly is horror, but it seems they’re strict on stuff with comedy elements. Oh well. Enjoy it here!


I found a creepy glitch in Fallout 4

I haven’t done a creepy glitch article in a while (because Max Yezpitelok and I turned  the internet upside down and shook it for a while to make sure we had all of them), so I apologize to all the YouTubers and cheap content mills who can’t rip them off.

I was (finally) sitting down to play Fallout 4, though, and I encountered something quite weird. I was doing the mission in the Railroad quest chain where you break into the Cambridge Police Station and steal a vertibird from the Brotherhood of Steel. If you haven’t played this game, that’s all gibberish, but it’s not important.

I rounded a corner to go up some stairs when one of the NPCs for the quest uh… bugged out.


You can now purchase Other Gods in paperback from Amazon

It is here.

More stores will have the book available in the next few weeks. I’ll keep an eye out on Barnes and Noble, but for any other stores you’ll need to check on your own. Remember, most stores will need a special order or online order to get it for you.


Coming Soon, Part 2

Well, I spoke too soon. I ran into some trouble with the cover art, so that put a snag in things. I’ve got a proof copy ordered now, though, and as soon as I’m done looking it over, I can put it on sale. That will most likely be in March.

The book will be available on and most other bookstores as well. You’ll probably need to special order it, online or in-person, from your preferred bookstore. Most bookstores will not have copies in stock, because few people have heard of this book. You can change that by buying copies for everyone you were in third grade with.

The retail price will be $10.99. That is a bit more than the Kindle edition, it’s true, but dead trees cost more money.

In the meantime, you can take a look at this, which I worked extra hard on because I’m not great at image editing. Also I just said “hard on”.


Many thanks once again to Mars for the cover art, because without that I would have been so very lost.


Coming Soon

I wanted to get this done around the 1 year anniversary of Other Gods, but stuff got kinda crazy. I also way overestimated how much work it would take (Thanks, Amazon!). Once I sat down and actually worked on it it just took a few hours. My bad.

But coming soon, the first physical release from Hex Press: Other Gods in paperback! You can hold it in your hands! You can do mystical incantations to open doors to the Other Earth with it! Hooray!

I’ve also got a new flash fiction series that I’ve already started, The Old Man That Lives in the Woods. You can read part one here. These are short and loosely-related stories based on ideas I’ve had but couldn’t think of a good place to publish them. I did something like this before with the story, “What’s the Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to You?” in Other Gods. Very short stories with a frame story around them. This time, the frame story is a mysterious ol’ fella who lives in the woods and likes to tell spooky tales. Who is the old man? Why does he live in the woods? Where did he learn all these stories anyway? Time may or may not tell. Time is a notoriously hard nut to crack.

I plan to write more stories in this series as and when I can. I’ve got plans for about a dozen parts so far. Maybe if I get a whole lot of them done I’ll compile them into a book.

I’ll update again when Other Gods is ready to purchase in paperback!


The Old Man in the Woods, Part 1: Driving

Good evenin’ to ya! It’s awful late to be wandering around out here alone, ain’t it? Thank all your gods you found my little clearing. I’m happy to have ya until morning. Come on, pull up a seat by the fire. Are ya hungry? I’ve got some tinned beans, but I’m afraid that’s about it. On a very tight budget, if you understand my meaning.

Yeah, I live out here. It’s pretty quiet. You’re the first person I’ve seen out this way in a real long time. How long? Well, I guess I couldn’t really say. I’d have to think about that one.

I don’t recommend you keep wanderin’ out in these woods when it’s dark. Who knows what’s out there at night? No, really, I mean, who does know? I can’t think of anyone, not a single one.

Since we’re going to be here for a few hours, do you mind if I tell you a story? It’s not long, I promise. I’m sure you should get to sleep, but are you actually tired? I bet you’ll find you’re not. No? Then why don’t you just listen for a bit?


Make Us One!

I got tired of running two separate blogs, so I’m merging everything from over to here. I think I’m also going to redesign the site soon, because this shit is looking pretty 2011.

I decided to take a social media vacation in October, so I wasn’t around to peddle my book for Halloween, but now that the holiday season is coming up, I will be periodically reminding you that I am holding your other books for ransom until you read mine and review it on Amazon.

I’ve been lazy this year and haven’t done much writing, but I’m deciding on my next project right now. I may do another short story collection, though I’m also considering a novel, too.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great holiday coming up. It is a day for being fat and lazy. I am referring, of course, to my birthday. Be fat and lazy like me, your friend Asher! It is a fine way to celebrate.