I found a creepy glitch in Fallout 4

I haven’t done a creepy glitch article in a while (because Max Yezpitelok and I turned  the internet upside down and shook it for a while to make sure we had all of them), so I apologize to all the YouTubers and cheap content mills who can’t rip them off.

I was (finally) sitting down to play Fallout 4, though, and I encountered something quite weird. I was doing the mission in the Railroad quest chain where you break into the Cambridge Police Station and steal a vertibird from the Brotherhood of Steel. If you haven’t played this game, that’s all gibberish, but it’s not important.

I rounded a corner to go up some stairs when one of the NPCs for the quest uh… bugged out.

First I saw this:


Well that’s weird, I thought. (Also — hell yeah I used the console to give myself a bunch of fusion cores so I could use the power armor all the time.) And then I got closer:


Yep, he’s got black spots all over his face, like he suddenly turned into swiss cheese.

Then I got a little closer still:


“You alright, bud?” I said aloud. (Yes, I talk to video games.) I hit E to try to talk to him, and then shit got real weird.


He didn’t move or speak at all, but his eyes started following me. Like he was trapped in some strange hell where he couldn’t react except to stare at me.

I left the room (because why wouldn’t I at that point?) and we went on to the next area and he went back to normal. Fun stuff!

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Toodles for now!