Coming Soon, Part 2

Well, I spoke too soon. I ran into some trouble with the cover art, so that put a snag in things. I’ve got a proof copy ordered now, though, and as soon as I’m done looking it over, I can put it on sale. That will most likely be in March.

The book will be available on and most other bookstores as well. You’ll probably need to special order it, online or in-person, from your preferred bookstore. Most bookstores will not have copies in stock, because few people have heard of this book. You can change that by buying copies for everyone you were in third grade with.

The retail price will be $10.99. That is a bit more than the Kindle edition, it’s true, but dead trees cost more money.

In the meantime, you can take a look at this, which I worked extra hard on because I’m not great at image editing. Also I just said “hard on”.


Many thanks once again to Mars for the cover art, because without that I would have been so very lost.

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