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I have reached an agreement with the devil to whom I sold my soul and he’s letting me drop the price of Other Gods for one whole month!

Between now and July 17th, you can purchase nearly 500 short horror stories (13 is nearly 500, relatively speaking) which is like… I dunno, like $.15 a story or something? I don’t feel like doing math right now.

Places to purchase it are on the link above! Please buy it or I will guilt trip you about how my cat died last week. It was very sad.

RIP Biscuit

Do this in remembrance of the Bees Cat.

2 thoughts on “Excellent news

  1. Alex says:

    Came for the Biscuit picture. Stayed to purchase the book. RIP Biscuit

    1. Asher says:

      I appreciate it. I’ll get your copy out to you this evening. And yes, RIP Biscuit.