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It’s time to announce another new thing!

In the vast, buzzing hive of the internet, this site can now be found at in addition to

I am saving you keystrokes here. Truly, I am a benevolent webhost!

You can still get here from, though, no worries. And all my old links (even the Tumblr ones) should still work. I think. If they don’t, let me know in any of the billionty ways you can reach me.

Speaking of the ol’ Tumblr (it was in a parenthetical but it still counts damn it), in case you missed it, that’s now located at I guess I could update that to use the new domain but it was enough of a pain in the ass to get the current one set up.

By the way, I’ve had a few folks ask if I’ll be offering paper copies of Other Gods and the answer is maybe, I don’t know just yet. It depends on how well it does as an eBook first, as paper books have a larger upfront fee. One of these days, it might happen.