Cracked had an article about easily explained mysteries this week and one was Max Headroom. I followed the links back on the theory that it was Eric Fournier. It led to a forum post where a user said they found the info on a blog that could be found by typing “Max Headroom Indiana University” into Google. Yours came up first, but part of the article was removed. Was it this blog the person was talking about? What happened to the rest of the article?

Yeah, that was me. I removed the rest of the article because the situation that was occurring at the time ended.

It was basically a fictitious entry that I came up with because I thought another site was stealing my content. This is back when this website was teeny tiny and something very different. But every week, I’d find another, bigger blog (which is now defunct) would cover the same topics shortly after I did. So I put in some fake details to see if they’d copy those, and they did. I confronted them about it and they removed the articles and shut down the blog shortly after.

Then I removed that part of the article (with a mysterious reason, because at the time I thought it would be funny). Since I had so few readers (maybe a dozen people, friends and family included) I figured no one would ever even notice the original post. For a long time I thought no one did, but I’ve seen it pop up more and more lately, so I thought I’d finally say something.

The theory that Eric Fournier was Max Headroom was old, I didn’t come up with that. I just peppered in some bullshit to make it sound more authentic, then removed the whole section a few days later after the plagiarism thing ended. The blog who stole it only had it up for a few hours. Somehow, in that short time, it wormed its way into the internet and became “fact”. I didn’t worry about it until this last year or so, when it started to come up in more and bigger places. Now it’s just getting weird.

Here’s the post, in case anyone is curious. Apologies for the formatting. I moved it over here from Blogspot when I switched to Tumblr and I haven’t fixed any of those old entries.

(Edit 10/26/16) I’m moving platforms once again, from Tumblr to This was a Tumblr question that I’m porting over because it still comes up sometimes.