Interview with Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

Hey everyone. I interviewed Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross, authors of Grandma’s Rack (which is not as dirty as it sounds), a new witchy horror novel. They’ve also just started an erotic serial novel called Belinda, but I’m going to assume you’re all more into horror than sexy stuff. Words about boobs and stuff, really? Come on.

Anyway, please enjoy because they wrote super great answers and it took me forever to put this up and they’ve not sent any assassins after me yet. Hopefully.

Tell everyone who you are and why you want them to shower you with currency.

Tamara Thorne has been a published author since 1991, primarily through Kensington Books. Her titles include Haunted, Candle Bay, The Sorority, The Devil’s in Mr. Cross, and Moonfall.

Alistair Cross, formerly published under the pen name, Jared S. Anderson through Damnation Books, is an erotic thriller and horror writer. His New York Times bestselling autobiography, The Thorne in My Side, is available absolutely nowhere.

Together, we are Thorne and Cross. We write to scare ourselves, make ourselves laugh, and explore the darker, dirtier corners of our minds. We don’t like going into these scary places alone, so we invite readers to join us.

As for being showered in currency, we’ve certainly been showered in worse.

What are your books about and how will they change the face of literature forever?

Our books are about 400 pages. We’re happy with the face of literature, and wish only to add a small beauty mark to its cheek.

I have two questions I ask every author. First, what are your thoughts on Lovecraft and Stephen King?

Lovecraft is as crafty as his name suggests. We sleep with stuffed Cthulhus, and we both studied at Miskatonic University. Stephen King is a great inspiration to us both. We are especially fond of his wonderful characters… and his hair.

Here’s the second: You are in a dark forest. You come to a fork in the path. One way leads to a blind dog who will lead you to a cave in which you can learn one secret you’ve always wanted to know, but you don’t get to choose which secret. The other way leads to a tree with an axe stuck in it. The axe will tell you any person’s sins, but if you use it, you are obligated to kill them with the axe if the sins are bad enough. Which path do you take?

Alistair would go the way of the blind dog, as he is always on the prowl for naughty secrets.

Tamara would choose the axe. Because she finds killing people therapeutic.

Your second book this year, Belinda, is going to be a serial. It seems like every few years, some pundit comes along and says that serials are going to be the Big Thing any day now and the standalone novel will die a slow death. It never really happens, but serials do remain popular, at least. My personal theory is that they stick around because they’re fun for writers and are way less stressful than putting out a full novel at once. Why did you decide to do a serial and what’s your take on the format as a whole?

Belinda is erotica with paranormal overtones. Writing one of Belinda’s erotic adventures is fun after a long hard day of horror. She is like our dessert, and as it is with all desserts, you can’t have just one. The first installment, titled ‘The New Governess’ will be out early this summer.

How did you two decide to collaborate together? Are you now soulbound, inextricably linked until the stars go dark?

Well, Alistair was working as a stripper at the Sleazehound’s Bar and Grill/Not-Really-All-That Exotic Dance Club, when Tamara came in with a group of friends for a bachelorette party. Tamara wrote a nice compliment on a five, wadded it up, and flicked it right into Alistair’s eye. He later unwadded the note, read the message and fell in love with the haiku she’d written:

I can see your bulge

In the dying light of day

Jesus, tuck it in!

After that, Alistair began stalking Tamara with all his might. After several restraining orders failed to change anything, Tamara accepted her fate as his new collaborator.

As for being soulbound, Alistair insists they are. Tamara agrees, as long as the blade is at her throat.

Have you got any parting thoughts for the readers out there?

Always wear clean underwear; you never know when you might want to use them as a gag.