(FM = offbrandmusic, anjldust = me)

11:10 PM – FM: [my cousin Ethan] just quoted Home Alone at me
11:11 PM – anjldust: tell him he’s a filthy animal
11:11 PM – FM: he said “BUZZ YOUR DOWNLOAD, WOOF”
11:13 PM – anjldust: man, Buzz doesn’t have to put up with that shit from a punk bitch like Kevin
11:13 PM – FM: lol
11:13 PM – anjldust: all he has to do is sic that monster spider on him, give him a swirlie, and call it a day
11:14 PM – FM: go eat a snack and look at some porn while he calls his girlfriend
11:14 PM – anjldust: he does have porn
11:14 PM – anjldust: and a girlfriend
11:14 PM – anjldust: what’s Kevin got? his ass left behind
11:14 PM – anjldust: and frankly, I bet Buzz’s girlfriend fucks
11:14 PM – FM: lol
11:15 PM – anjldust: I mean look at her
11:14 PM – FM: probably
11:14 PM – FM: a stud like him?
11:15 PM – anjldust: Buzz is the true hero of Home Alone
11:16 PM – FM: he knew what Kevin needed…a couple of days in the real world
11:20 PM – anjldust: what he needed was a punch in the arm and a good noogie