An Update On My Story Collection

Dear everyone patiently waiting for my short story collection,

I originally set the release date for my crowd-funded book, Supplicants to Other Gods, for February. Not really a firm date, just February.

Unfortunately, that release date won’t be happening. I set it before I decided to move at the end of January. It turns out, moving is super-hard, you guys. Plus, I quit my job and moved to a different state, where I currently do not have a job. That is also a giant pain in the ass. (On a related note, do you have a need for a writer/editor/blogger/social media person and don’t care if they literally live in the ass-end of Kentucky? E-mail me! I will work for super cheap because the cost of living here is practically pennies.)

So, I’m going to delay Other Gods (dig the snappy new title, yeah?) until April because I am but one man, NOT A MACHINE.

In the meantime, here is some info to tide you over: I am adding a sixth story, “Missing Persons”, to the collection. This was originally to be in an anthology, Class of 666, being put together by some of my friends at Purveyor Press, a publisher created and run by alumni, but they actually felt it was a little too creepy for the book. Yes, I am serious. I’m so proud.

Finally, have some (very early) draft cover art: