Hobbit thoughts

Saw the second Hobbit film today with my ma and little brother. I’m not much of a fantasy fan at all, but Peter Jackson’s Middle-Earth movies are just uniformly excellent.

Yeah, they’re long and frequently overwrought and not terribly progressive (there is exactly one black character in the movie; an extra seen for a very brief few seconds*) but they’re also fun and well worth the $8-15 you might pay to see it.

As a lover of all things creepy and horror, there were a few things I was especially happy with (spoilers below):

  1. Giant spiders. Duh.
  2. Dark, spooky woods that apparently cause acid trips
  3. Evil necromancer
  4. Surprisingly brutal killings of orcs. Fuck orcs anyway.
  5. Enormous were-bear

I only had one other thing I really wanted to talk about regarding the film, because it’s not like I’m much of a film reviewer: One point of contention in the audience with which I saw the film was the ending. There was at least one loud cry of “Son of a bitch! God damn it!” when the credits started to roll, but I was actually quite happy with it. Bilbo’s “What have we done?” really drove home the point that these dwarves had only the slightest idea of what they were doing this entire time and only barely considered the consequences. When presented with the idea that there might even be consequences (especially Bard’s very direct pointing out of such) they essentially brushed it off. Hey, Tolkien wrote dwarves as greedy and stubborn, so greedy and stubborn they are.

(*If you are into progressivism, Tauriel might be worth a look, since she’s a fairly well-rounded and interesting character that also happens to be female. She’s not perfectly written or anything, and her primary motivation is a guy, but she’s trying to rescue him instead of the other way around, so at least there’s that.)