Supplicants to Other Gods

Happy football day, America. Happy American football day, rest of the world. Today is a fancy day, for I am happy to introduce my new fundraising campaign for a short story collection, Supplicants to Other Gods!

I recently mashed up my car (not on purpose, it was an accident stemming from the really terrible rainstorms in the Midwest last week) so I’m selling preorders, signed copies of The Book of Word Records, and personalized hexts to help pay my insurance deductible!

Also, I made a video. It has me in it, with a special guest appearance from my cat, Biscuit! He’s the smaller, orange-colored one. I’m the human.

Wait, that’s backwards.

No, nevermind, I had it right the first time.

Anyway, go check it out!

Supplicants to Other Gods

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