On Books and the Writing Thereof

I don’t have a really fantastic idea of how many people actually read the things I post and how much those people know about me and yada yada. I’ve got people who came here from Cracked, Mental Floss, various other sites, and sometimes people just see the strange “jokes” I post shared by others and come to see what variety of inhuman monster I truly am.

Anyway, my point is, you may or may not know that I wrote a book recently and it was published in July by Adams Media. It’s called The Book of Word Records and I think it’s pretty funny. That’s not just me tooting my own horn. I have severe confidence issues and I think that book has some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever written.

I’m not sure how well the book has sold to date. What I am sure about is that if it sells well, I get to write another one. I’m angling to do one about my favorite subject, which is weird and creepy things. It’s a book that I’ve wanted to write my whole life, and one that I think the small fanbase I’ve collected over the last three years would really like.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if each of you buys ten copies of my book you will become immortal. Keep it in mind.

PS – Also, I’m going to be in Cracked’s new book, The De-Textbookand if that sells really well (like their previous book) I’ll get to tell people I’m a contributor to a New York Times Bestseller and that might get me an occasional free drink or something. Maybe. (Hint: I like screwdrivers.)

PPS – Please spread this around as much as you can. Retweet it or pin it or reblog it or whatever you prefer to do. It would be much appreciated. I love you.

PPPS – If you already have the book, please review it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!