Even more wish fulfillment!

More wishes!

Luna Fortuna wished that I would draw faces on hardboiled eggs. As I am currently a man living alone, it turns out I somehow only have one egg, and I didn’t want to boil just one, so I crammed three faces onto it. (I fed it to my cat after.)

(He’s sad because I drew his mustache badly.)

(Mouth style shamelessly stolen from Donuts for Sharks’ Kevin Axt.)

Wash asked me to name a plant after him. There’s this cool creeping vine outside of my apartment, so its name is now Wash.

Finally, Gartis asked me to sing “The Song That Doesn’t End” for ten minutes. I think that would probably drive me nuts, so I did a dramatic reading of it instead! I haven’t watched it because I’d probably be embarrassed and shit, so here it is: 

That should be the last of the public wishes (except one more, which is coming soon). Everyone else asked me for favors like looking at something they were working on or things like that. I’ve contacted all of those people directly!