Important Fundraiser Update

Okay, I’ve been sitting on this news for a couple of days because I’m terrified that I’ll screw it up somehow and it’ll end up not happening, but here goes.

I’ve been offered a job as a staff writer with a web start-up based out of Brooklyn. It’s quite a bit more than I’m making doing my current security/freelancing combo. I’ll be writing a few weekly feature pieces and daily mini-articles as well. 

The site launches on 6/1, but I’ll be starting next month to build up content for the launch. I’ve already put in my notice with my current job, so my last day there will be 5/3 (possibly 5/5 if they need me to work that weekend). No, I won’t be moving to Brooklyn. It’s a remote job. I won’t be moving to Kentucky just yet, either.

The one really big downside is that my contract will have a non-compete clause in it, meaning I’ll be prohibited from freelancing at Cracked and Mental Floss as long as I work there. I’m trying to find out how flexible they are on that, because I really like writing for both sites. (Adams Media isn’t included, nor is Apex, because those aren’t competitors to what this company is trying to do.)

There will be some freelancing opportunities springing up from this company, though, and I will be certain to keep my writer friends abreast (tee hee) of those. They should pay competitive fees to other sites, but I don’t have an exact number yet.

Anyway, my point in telling you all of that is this: I’m really sorry to anyone who donated to my fund under the impression that I would continue writing for Cracked or Mental Floss. I thought that, too. If you’re upset about that, please let me know and I can return your money or donate it to charity, whichever you prefer.

Wish fulfillment will return shortly.