Four Humors is back!

Those of you who have been around a while may remember an anthology book I was involved in (both writing and other behind the scenes work) called Four Humors.

We had some issues with the original version of the book and had to pull it. For a little over a year now, the book has been unavailable to the public.

However, I’ve done a lot of work in my spare time, pruning stuff we no longer had the rights to, cleaning up the formatting to look better for newer tablet-style readers, and adding some full-color pictures (where available). What has resulted is the Four Humors: Revised Edition!

It includes short stories and essays by several of your favorite Cracked freelancers (Kathy Benjamin, S. Peter Davis, C. Coville, Adam Wears, D. McCallum, Dawn Morrow, and yours truly) and a multitude of talented new writers, plus dozens of pieces of art that will absolutely blow your mind.

Best of all, this new edition is free*. All we ask is that you donate to your favorite charity if you like it. We don’t care if it’s the KKK. Wait, actually, we do care about that. Don’t do that. Donate to someone who does nice things with animals or cancer or something.

Here it is on Amazon*, Barnes and Noble, and SmashWords. It’s also available on iBooks (which I can’t link to directly) and many other fine digital bookstores!

*The Kindle version is currently $.99 because Amazon won’t let me price it for free, but all that money is going straight to Kiva Microloans. But you can get them to offer it for free! Please use the “Tell Us About a Lower Price” link on Amazon’s page and let them know that the book is $0.00 on other B&N and other stores!