I am writing a book!

So, I’ve been busy lately. So busy that I haven’t even had time to update my blog.

I am writing a book! It’s tentatively called The Book of Word Records, not to be confused with the Guinness book series of a similar name. (I suspect that the title may not stick for that very reason, but I have no real idea.)

I’m not sure what the release date is going to be just yet, but it’s being published by Adams Media (who are responsible for Kathy Benjamin’s fancy upcoming book, Six Feet Blunder, as well as numerous other non-fiction books that you can find in fine bookstores everywhere, online ones included). 

It’s a book, obviously, about words– big words, small words, words that climb on rocks. Wait, fuck, that’s not right. But really, it is about words and records thereof. I know that probably doesn’t sound terribly interesting to people who only come here for creepy shit, but that’s why it’s my job to make it interesting! With jokes and things! Here is some information you can expect to see inside:

  • The longest words in the dictionary (and a few that aren’t)
  • The most common passwords (and why they suck)
  • Words that might help you win a game of Scrabble (or Words With Friends, if ya nasty)
  • The longest death speeches
  • The prettiest words
  • The grossest words
  • And lots of other stuff!

So, I’ll be busting my ass on this until the end of January, but you should still see a few pieces from me here and there in that time. It’ll be good times.

And on a serious post scriptum, thank you all so much for reading my articles, this blog, and hopefully this upcoming book (hint: I’m hoping they might let me pitch something a little more in line with this blog if Word Records does well).

I felt like I was just treading water for so long and now it’s like the dam has broken all of a sudden and the last two years of work have paid off. But I think a lot of why I kept my head up the whole time is because I have a fan base and friends that have never been anything but encouraging, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for it. 


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