Bonus YouTube videos!

Well, hey there readers! How about some bonus videos that didn’t make it into today’s article?

A spooky doll. Is it a puppet? A remote control animatronic? Maybe! Is it scary as hell? Yep!

Behold this real-life manticore! Probably it’s just someone with their head poked through a table, but that music makes it super weird.

Japanese ghosts are way scarier than American ghosts according to horror movies. I’ll buy that. This ghost has the worst existence ever– being stuck at work for eternity.

This was my favorite that we didn’t use. I’m just an idiot comedy writer, but I seriously can’t figure out how they did it. That girl just straight-up disappears. Pardon the excessive narration by the lady.

I also have a lot of creepy videos favorited on my YouTube channel, which you can get to by clicking the YouTube button on my blog or these words right here.

Happy Halloween!