Mitt Romney’s cash vs. Walter White’s

Breaking Bad season 5 spoilers ahoy:

I don’t really want to get into politics much on this blog, but I couldn’t resist this. A friend of mine posted this fancy link on Facebook this morning. You can type in how much you make in an hour and it’ll shame you by showing how much more Mitt Romney makes.

Then I started thinking about comparing Mitt’s fortune to that of various other people, but that seemed boring, so I decided to compare it to Walter White’s money instead.

In the season 5 ½ finale, we’re shown a storage shed full of cash that ultimately gets Walt to give up his cooking, right? We don’t know how much money that actually is, because Skylar’s lost count. What kind of accountant are you anyway, Skylar?

But we do know how much that methylamine Walt stole from that train is worth: $15 million, uncooked. (It’s $300 million cooked, but I’ll come back to that.) That’s still more than enough for Mike, Jesse, and Walt to live out the rest of their lives on, as Mike and Jesse repeatedly tell Walt.

Mitt Romney makes $21 million in a year, according to RomneyMakes. They’d have enough left over to give an extra $6 million cut to Todd because he’s probably crazy and needs to go away.

So let’s assume that they cooked it and they didn’t all ditch Walt. That’s $100 million each if you split it three ways (not including the “legacy costs” and all that). 

Mitt Romney makes that in less than five years, and he never has to cook and sell meth.