Hey, so, I’m starting up a personal Tumblr to complement my other one, Weird Shit Blog. I also like writing about things that aren’t weird, but I didn’t want to take a blog that’s supposed to be about one thing (weirdness) and start posting a bunch of stuff that isn’t that thing. This seemed like the best solution.

I’m also starting a personal Twitter account for the same reasons. I’ll still keep the original accounts updated the same as always (still aiming for weekly updates). I’ll be posting my published articles on both because I can.

This one also won’t be updated on a weekly schedule like WSB. It’s more of an “as I feel like it” kind of thing. It’ll be more like a typical Tumblr, too, except without MLP gifs… or Doctor Who gifs… or arguments about gender/race (I love you all equally). So, actually, scratch that, it won’t be like a typical Tumblr at all.