Weird Books: The Hole Behind Midnight

I’m still working on a real post for this week (I finally ran out of rejected Quick Fixes) and I should have at least one article going up in the next few days to share, but I wanted to do something a little different today– a book recommendation. I think I’m going to make this a weekly thing because I love weird books and I’ve been reading them like a beast lately.

Today’s book is The Hole Behind Midnight by first-time novelist Clinton J. Boomer. It’s an incredible read, and don’t just take my word for it: Cracked’s own Dan O’Brien, Robert Brockway, and Cody Johnston all provided blurbs for it that you can find in the back of the book.

Brief synopsis: There is another world, like a shade of our own, that can only be accessed between 11:59 pm and 12:01 am. This world, The 25th Hour, is timeless and infinite, staying open for as long as those who travel it wish. It’s filled with the magic of ancient, dead empires (if you can claim one for yourself) and has its own rules and laws. Royden Poole, a smart-assed Indian-American (as in India) dwarf is one of those who has claimed a dead empire for himself, a frequent visitor of The 25th Hour. He’s tasked by police acquaintances in the Waking World (i.e., our own world) with solving a mysterious break-in that quickly unfolds into a vast conspiracy.

It’s funny, it’s exciting, and it’s ridiculously charming in equal measures. I’ve heard comparisons to John Dies at the End, but with fantasy instead of horror, and that seems pretty apt. Also, it’s on sale for $3 on Kindle right now and $5 on Nook.