The Human Centipede is Real (Sort Of)


A 1928 DeMoulin Bros. catalog features something so horrible it wouldn’t be seen again for 80 years: A human centipede. No, it’s not people daisy-chained to each others’ butts. But, of course, you don’t just call something a human centipede unless it’s blisteringly insane, apparently. No, this is actually something equally weird.

It’s essentially a big pommel horse that four people ride on together. The person in the front has controls to give the three in the back an electric shock, which they can increase or decrease as they so desire. What the hell?

The device was actually intended for hazing fraternity pledges, because apparently even making people drink until they puke or getting them to smear dog feces on themselves can get boring. So, basically, it was just a really complicated way to zap peoples’ balls and asses, much like how The Human Centipede series is Tom Six’s really complicated way of shitting on your brain.