The Lavender Panthers: A History of Bad Assery

In 1973, there was a new menace walking the streets of San Francisco. The Lavender Panthers were out to ruin your day… but only if your day included harassing gay people.

The Lavender Panthers were a vigilante group whose only goal was to protect the homosexual community of the city from those who would do them harm. Kind of like the Justice League, but with bigots instead of supervillains. Every member was familiar with a variety of martial arts, including judo and kung fu, and also came fully equipped with chains and billy clubs.

The best part? Their leader was a man named Reverend Ray Broshears, an openly homosexual evangelical minister. After his group beat the shit out of four teenagers who had been trying to pick fights outside of a local gay bar, he was actually quoted as saying “We didn’t even ask questions. We just took out our pool cues and started flailing ass." 

Why isn’t this an exploitation throwback movie starring Ryan Gosling yet?