Andy Warhol Drew a Dick and Put it on the Moon

In 1969, the world was entranced by Apollo 11’s trip to the moon. Each subsequent mission, however, seemed to hold less and less interest among the populace. Little did the American people (or the astronauts, for that matter) know that the lunar module for Apollo 12 was carrying a little secret.

Six subversive artists, including Andy Warhol, created a tiny ceramic wafer that they called the Moon Museum and had it covertly placed inside the spacecraft. The Moon Museum contains six small pieces of art, one by each artist.

See that dick there in the upper left? That’s from Andy Warhol. Even if humankind were to die out tomorrow, we’d still have some everlasting symbols of our culture hiding away on the moon, and one of them is totally a cock.

So if you’re ever feeling insignificant, just remember that a few men with a dream (and a few other unsuspecting men with a separate, but related dream) once put a dick on the moon.

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