The Creepiest Pop Culture “9/11 Prediction” Yet

You may have heard about how shows like The Simpsons appear to have coincidentally referenced 9/11 before it happened, but it turns out that NBC really threw down the gauntlet, too.

A YouTube user named “jayshibby” recently noticed a weird sequence in the March 18, 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live. Conspiracy theorists have pointed to the clip as more proof of a 9/11 coverup. It’s probably bullshit, but damn is it creepy.

During Colin Quinn’s “Weekend Update” segment, he reads the following five headlines:

1) Then-Governor (and Republican Presidential nominee) George W. Bush criticizes President Bill Clinton over gas prices. Quinn then jokes that Bush claimed he’d “go to war with Alaska and steal their oil”

2) A story about the “East Side Rapist”. The segment includes a prominent picture of the World Trade Center and NYPD crest.

3) And then, holy shit, Osama Bin Laden’s imminent death from kidney failure before most people even knew who the hell he was! Keep in mind, this was almost 18 months to the day before September 11 and over 10 years before he’d be killed in…

4) A story about a Pakistani judge ordering a cruel execution. Holy fucking crap, Colin Quinn. Are you trying to make everyone paranoid?

5) And last but certainly not least, a story about passengers on a commercial airline flight fighting off a hijacker who attacked a pilot in the cockpit. That’s it, I’m calling it. Lorne Michaels is a fucking dark wizard. That is the only reasonable explanation for this.

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