The Magic Mirror That Turns Your Face Into a Floating CGI Demon Head (A Video Breakdown)

This art exhibit created by Karolina Sobecka appears to just be a plain old mirror. Until you step in front of it, that is. That’s when your head is suddenly replaced by a randomly selected holographic CGI animal head that mimics your facial expressions and movements. Also, it’s horrifying.

From an angle, of course, the creature appears to float over your shoulder like some sort of demented spirit animal. That doesn’t help things.

You have angered the Wolf God.

This is the point where you scrawl in Sharpie on the mirror and make yourself into a meme.

It apparently made this Scooby-Doo face unprompted.

Taunting the panther face can cause it to turn into a facehugger.

Okay, demon goat is where I draw the line. Fuck you, Satan-mirror.

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