The Worst Photos to Ever Come From Down Under

Australia isn’t always full of horrible fel beasts from the Second Age who won’t hesitate to make you into poop. Check out that picture, for example. A nice, idyllic farm with fresh snow all around. It looks positively lovely.

“But wait,” you say. “Something looks wrong here. There’s no snow on the trees or the roof of the barn.” Yeah, listen, about that snow? I lied. It’s not snow. It’s spiderwebs. It’s all spiderwebs.

How does something so ghastly happen outside of your nightmares? Simple: Due to flooding in Wagga Wagga, all the spiders in the area had the choice of drowning or finding a way to survive. This being Australia, the invincible monsters took the second option. They went for higher ground and made lots and lots of web houses, since that land now belongs to them. They’re even making vaguely human-shaped webs, presumably as a warning to all of us.

Australia, you gotta handle your shit, man. You’re an island. The rest of us have no problems cutting you off.

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