Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn (On Google Maps)

If you’ve ever wanted to really get an idea of the destruction nuclear warfare can wreak but your yellowcake uranium deal with that African warlord fell through, NUKEMAP has you covered.

It’s a map that will actually show you the damage that a nuclear weapon can cause, but without all the, y’know, horribly killing people stuff. You simply enter the size of the bomb (in kilotons) or you can choose from several bombs created throughout history. Note how the bombs we dropped on Japan actually seem kind of small, only taking up a couple of city blocks in New York, and then marvel at how humans really are just petty dicks.

And it’s a useful learning tool for discovering just how big a bomb would have to be to destroy everything (the answer is 1 petaton, or 1,000,000,000,000 kilotons).

Also fascinating is that it’s possible to create a 100 teraton bomb would wipe out all life except in Australia. 

So, future apocalyptic cults who are looking for a safe haven– You’ve found your answer.