Harvard Can Tell You How Much of a Bigot You Are


Do you sometimes catch yourself wondering, “Am I a horrible bigot?” If so, friends, Harvard has got you covered with their “Implicit Association Test.” The idea behind the IAT is to ask test takers to observe words and images that flash on the screen and sort them into categories, such as “gay people” or “straight people,” then switches it up to show adjectives, which you rate as “good” or “bad,” and so on.

Afterward, the test gives you your results, which you can interpret as “normal” vs. “Mel Gibson.”

Luckily, if the results just show an image of white hood, you can take comfort in the fact that the test is completely anonymous, so you have no worries of your family, friends, or co-workers finding out that you’re not a very nice person. (Also, you should probably know that the results aren’t guaranteed to be valid, so hopefully you’ve not already committed yourself to your new life of hating people who are a different color, religion, or sexual preference than you.)