You Think Your Workplace is Like a Prison?

If you’ve had to dial in to any call centers lately, then you may have talked to someone who’s only there because he stabbed somebody else. It turns out that more and more businesses are staffing call centers with the help of a program called Unicor. What’s Unicor, you ask? It’s a fun little thing set up by the federal government where they let businesses use prisoners as cheap labor. I hope you’re not looking for a job, because your competition shot a man in cold blood outside of a 7-Eleven and he doesn’t care how much he makes because he has nothing to spend it on.

While businesses are required to pay average citizens at least $7.25 an hour (the federally mandated minimum wage), they can pay prisoners what the fuck ever because they’re in goddamned jail. It can even be as low as $.50 an hour. And then they don’t have to deal with outsourcing to people with thick accents or letting a computerized voice do everything. Customers hate that stuff.