The 5 Most WTF Things About India’s Railway Monkey Man

India has a bit of a problem– a monkey problem. The animals are so used to human contact that they’ll even go as far as beating the shit out of people to get at their food. 

A railway station known as Lucknow had one of the worst monkey infestations in the entire country. Thousands of the little assholes lived there, stealing food and fucking with people. However, in 2008, they found the solution: The Monkey Man.

1) His name is Acchan Miyan, and he was apparently hired off the street. What the hell qualifications do you actually need to be a monkey man?

2) He dresses like a monkey and wanders around all day, scaring off the real monkeys… but how? No one really seems to say. I’m kinda hoping he flings his poop at them.

3) He only gets paid $7-10 a day. Yeah, poverty’s a big deal in India, but this guy apparently has a unique skill that’s really in demand, and walking around on all fours for hours at a time like that can’t be easy. Throw the dude a bone, Lucknow.

4) Who the hell are those guys in the back? Does he have some sort of monkey man entourage?

5) He says the monkeys don’t attack him, but holy shit, look at all those scars. Is he scaring them or fucking them?

Via Reddit