4 Terrifying Things About One of the Creepiest Accounts on YouTube

Nearly every horror movie villain in history wears a mask or already has some kind of distorted face. It’s that whole uncanny valley effect throwing us off and making us feel uneasy. 

So, I’d like to introduce you to zjcfhgf, a Japanese woman whose only love in life, apparently, is making super-realistic masks out of inexpensive materials and posting the results on YouTube. Or they would be realistic, anyway, if their expressions weren’t totally frozen in perpetual grins. The effect is anus-clenchingly terrifying. And if that weren’t bad enough…

1) One of her favorite tricks is showing off one mask, then taking it off to reveal another underneath. There is absolutely no reason to do that other than scaring the shit out of you.

2) The videos are all completely silent. One could assume that this is so you can hear your heartbeat speeding up as you watch.

3) She does an entire six minute how-to video with a mask on. Watching her work with that perpetually dead, soulless face makes it look like some sort of bizarre ritual. 

4) Out of nine different videos, you never see her actual face. She is always masked. Although it appears that she takes off her mask(s) and eats a slice of cake in one video, it’s yet another fake, made out of foam latex instead of plastic this time– Something she, naturally, has to demonstrate in the most horrifying way possible:

Thanks for ruining Shrek for everyone, lady.

Via io9

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