Triplets, 13 Years in the Making

Kent and Debbie Beasley were horrified when they found out that, three years after he had helped them give birth to a pair of twins, their fertility doctor had been stealing eggs and embryos from Debbie’s womb, implanting them in other women or selling them to outside researchers.

Then, several years later, authorities tracked down eight of her frozen embryos and, since they were officially her property, had them returned to her (which must have been insanely awkward).

That was when they decided to do something kind of incredible. You see, during Debbie’s pregnancy, she had been carrying another child in addition to her twins. Unfortunately, it died before birth, which led the couple to decide that they’d try to have another child using the frozen embryos.

Amazingly, Debbie was able to conceive and gave birth to another daughter, Laina Beasley. But hang on, it gets crazy: Since Laina came from the same batch of embryos as her brother and sister, she was actually technically their triplet.

Oh, and did I mention that Kent and Debbie Beasley had waited 13 years to have their third child? Meaning her triplet brother and sister are 13 years older than her. Now imagine how many awkward conversations and long explanations that’s gonna lead to throughout her life.