8 Surreal, Inhuman Dance Moves From The Ross Sisters (A Video Breakdown)

Post-WW2 America is shorthand for idyllic, wholesome living (for white people, anyway). But there was insane shit to be found then, too, if you looked around.

Take, for example, this routine by the Ross Sisters, a popular dancing trio of that time.

It begins with a folksy, charming song about, of all things, potato salad.

But at about 1:00 in, the madness begins.

It quickly transitions from simple backflips to weird, country-style yoga, or maybe a really high-concept Tool video.

You know shit just got real when they’re putting their own asses on their heads.

Then their legs mysteriously begin breakdancing, while their torsos seem blissfully unaware.

We are then shown that one of these girls could quite potentially kiss the ground and her own ass simultaneously.

From here on out, things get downright Lovecraftian. Here’s a woman both standing on a box and also putting her head inside of it.

Fun fact: On August 11, 1947, everyone on Earth had the same nightmare, and none of them ever spoke of it. It looked exactly like this.

It might appear that this woman is bored of life and intends to contort herself right off the hay loft.

Then you notice the apple. No way, is she-

She can’t possibly-


Finally, apparently content with their unearthly demonstration, they form the Human Centipede of gymnastics and backflip themselves right the hell out of there.