Movember, Finale.

All terrible facial hair must come to an end. I must say that I’ve learned one very important fact this month: I do not look good with a mustache. So I can tick that off my bucket list.

The good great news: We raised $46 (barring any last minute donations)! That is awesome! I would like to deeply thank each and every one of my donors, and I will also be sending them individual thank you notes as well, assuming I have a way to contact them.

One of my donors was anonymous, though, so they don’t get a thank you note. Instead, I’ll just call them out here! Thank you, anonymous person. You have helped give cancer a sharp poke in the eye, and that’s a wonderful thing!

I also want to give an extremely large thank you to all the people who wrote me with well-wishes about my grandfather. It’s very heartwarming to know that you care about, essentially, an internet stranger’s relative– a person whom you’ll almost certainly never meet.

I may have brought you a few hours worth of entertainment throughout the past year, but you’ve returned that a hundred-fold in just a few days with the fuzzy feelings I’ve gotten from your collective kindness. Thank you so much.