A Sad Movember Update

As I’ve mentioned in previous Movember updates, my maternal grandfather died from prostate cancer a little over 8 years ago.

My paternal grandfather also got prostate cancer right around the same time, but his went into remission. Yesterday, however, as he was getting ready for our family Thanksgiving dinner, he fell in the tub and broke his femur. Since the femur is the hardest bones in the body, the doctors got suspicious and decided to see what was up.

Sadly, his cancer has come back  and has metastasized onto his leg, as well as spreading to his liver and even up to his esophagus.  It’s stage 4 cancer, so it’s extremely serious, but I guess they feel like it’s treatable, because he starts radiation on his leg soon and chemo on the rest in two weeks.

So, yeah, I don’t know how the doctors feel about it, but that sounds pretty grim to me. Maybe I’m just overly-worrisome, but I’m kind of afraid that he won’t make it to Christmas. I don’t know that or anything, but my anxieties have never been particularly rational.

On a related note, Movember’s still going on, and it’s in place specifically because of cases like this. Please donate, because fuck cancer.

Dan O’Brien and Soren Bowie have, by themselves, raised almost $2,000 for our little Cracked network, and I’m proud to say that I’ve even managed to get $20 in donations myself. 

And, for the record, this is the current situation on the mustache itself: