Gritty Reboot

It’s almost the one-year anniversary (July 6) of this blog, so I’ve decided to clean up the place a little.

First of all, I added a fancy new template. I’m too bad at web design to have made it myself. It sure is purdy-lookin’, though.

Secondly, I went through and fixed all the old articles I wrote pre-Cracked. They should now be correctly formatted and all that. I also fixed a few typos and things I noticed along the way. (Yes, I did all of that by hand. Yes, it took a long time.) I also tagged all my posts to date, except for a few short ones that I didn’t think really warranted it.

I’ve also removed all the ads from the site and the feed, including the stupid Amazon ads. Once, I was a naive young writer who believed that I could turn a blog about niche subjects into a source of spare cash. It did not pan out. Also, it looked ugly and kinda sleazy when I moved everything over to Tumblr, so they needed to go.

Finally, I’m setting a new goal to try to post at least once a week, probably on Friday. (Cracked article announcements don’t count.) It won’t necessarily be the long articles I used to write (all those are now tagged Encyclopedia, by the way) but I will do my best to at least make it something substantial. Could be something weird I read in the news, could be about a video game I played or a movie I watched or even an odd dream I had. Point is, it’ll be something. 

Here’s to another year, Cthulhu willing!

Edit- Okay, I lied. Apparently there’s no way to remove the ads from the RSS feed without stopping its updates and I have too many people subscribed to make them all switch over. Sorry RSS people!