The Four Humors: A Collection

So some friends who are fellow writers on a particular popular comedy site (which we have not received legal permission to name) and myself have formed a publishing collective that we’ve called WORDPLAGUE. Our first book, titled The Four Humors: A Collection is available for Kindle* right now on!

It’s only $3 and all the proceeds go to charity, so please consider picking up a copy. It includes illustrations by some extremely talented artists, stories from wonderfully gifted (and some NYT Bestselling) writers, a brilliant introduction by David Wong, author of John Dies at the End, and there’s a half-baked turd I wrote shoved in there, too.

*iBooks and nook versions are forthcoming. I’m still ironing out one last (annoying) bug in the ePub version and we’re wrapping up some paperwork on them and then they’ll be available. I’m the eBooks person, so if you want someone to blame, I’m your guy!