Deleted Scenes: 6 Supervillain Devices You Can Make at Home

I thought I’d share some of the things that ended up on the cutting room floor from my article this morning, because they’re still pretty damn weird, even if we couldn’t use them. Check it:

Taser Glove:

Some dude has Instructables for making an electro-shock glove. It has two modes: A quick, short zap, or you can charge that bitch up like Mega Man and blast the shit out of someone. Also looks like you’re a janitor out for blood.

Dry Ice Cannon

Another weekend DIY project. This thing can fire pretty much anything you want. Huge can of beer, kittens, human feces, you name it.

BFG – Dry Ice Cannon from sonium on Vimeo.

It’s really pretty simple to make, too. Here are some instructions.

The Dragoncycle

I couldn’t use this one because Robert Brockway beat me to it, that magnificent bastard. It’s still a weird, wonderful device, worthy of any deranged maniac.


Basically, it’s a bunch of motorcycle parts all mashed together to vaguely resemble a walking dragon machine that actually breathes fire. It looks more like a dog to me. Cerberus themed villain, anyone? No?

Some Awesome Robot Henchmen

These ended up being totally outside the scope of the article, so they never even got editor-approved. Still, they’re way, way awesome.

First we’ve got this robot built from a Microsoft Kinect and a Roomba. It uses the Kinect to see the world (since a Kinect is really just an infrared sensitive camera) and interpret voice and gesture commands. All you have to do is add a machine gun, point at your nemesis, and yell, “GET HIM!” Just don’t, you know, point at your crotch and yell, “GET SOME!” or something while taunting said nemesis. Wouldn’t want the poor thing getting confused.

Similarly, this little guy uses ultrasound in addition to infrared light to navigate its way around. It’s more of a built-from-the-ground-up version of the Kinect-Bot. The difference is, this one is already shaped like a tank.

Automated Lair Security Turrets

These got left out because the mind-controlled flamethrower kinda overshadowed them. Okay, so they were actually meant for paintball, but come on. “>These guys will sell you their targeting program, to which you can attach anything you please. Machine gun, bazooka, no one’s gonna judge. I just wonder how their neighbors put up with that shit.

Badass Coil Gun

This shit just looks crazy, like Cable came to life and realized that this world did not have the kinds of guns he was used to.

It’s what’s known as a coil gun, and the idea (though not this specific weapon) got used before, so I had to drop it. Instead of using tiny, controlled explosions to fire, this thing uses electromagnetic energy. It may not be quite as deadly as a traditional firearm, but when has efficiency been a higher priority than looking cool when we’re talking about supervillainy?