Strange Dreams

My wife and I frequently like to compare dreams. She has odd ones fairly often, so a few months ago, we both picked up journals to record our dreams in. I can’t find mine at the moment, and now several hours have passed, so the memories have faded, but it seemed interesting enough to share what I can remember:

Someone vaguely resembling my older brother invented a time machine. It was just a huge bag that you covered yourself up with that slowly dissolved. The problem was, the “machine” would only take you to the year 1988. Why 1988? How the fuck should I know? I knew it was 1988 because the A*Team was still on the air, though. (Now that I’ve looked it up, though, The A*Team went off the air in 1986, but it made sense in the dream.)

I don’t remember all the details, but one of the other scientists who invented it decided to abuse it by going back to 1988 and beating up kids who would later grow into adults he didn’t like.

At some point, the dream shifted so that the time machine was no longer a time machine, but a computer that could make anything you wished happen. I assisted Daffy Duck, who could walk through walls, in his attempts to steal said machine from a huge warehouse. Plucky Duck joined us and used the computer to wish that he could give a blowjob to a cyclops. (One of the huge ones from the Odyssey, not the X-Man.) That’s the last thing I remember about it.

What the hell is wrong with me?

In other news, my wife bought me a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent on Steam as a belated birthday present. (We were broke when my birthday actually happened.) I kept putting off playing it for various reasons, mostly due to time spent writing or researching, but I finally sat down and played it last night. Current impressions are that it’s a very simple game, but incredibly effective. It’s very intense, and it doesn’t hold back on the suspense one bit. I’m about two hours in. I may share more thoughts on it later, as I get further along.

Finally, I wanted to say that I’ve got two more Cracked articles on the way, both collaborations with fellow writers, and another possibility that’s solely mine. I’ve no idea when those first two might go up, or if the third will go up at all, but I’ll post something on here/Facebook/Twitter when they do.

PS- My short story (The Holiday Spirit) took first prize. Sure, it’s just bragging rights and there were only four entries total, but I’m happy anyway.