Make Us One!

I got tired of running two separate blogs, so I’m merging everything from over to here. I think I’m also going to redesign the site soon, because this shit is looking pretty 2011.

I decided to take a social media vacation in October, so I wasn’t around to peddle my book for Halloween, but now that the holiday season is coming up, I will be periodically reminding you that I am holding your other books for ransom until you read mine and review it on Amazon.

I’ve been lazy this year and haven’t done much writing, but I’m deciding on my next project right now. I may do another short story collection, though I’m also considering a novel, too.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great holiday coming up. It is a day for being fat and lazy. I am referring, of course, to my birthday. Be fat and lazy like me, your friend Asher! It is a fine way to celebrate.

Excellent news

I have reached an agreement with the devil to whom I sold my soul and he’s letting me drop the price of Other Gods for one whole month!

Between now and July 17th, you can purchase nearly 500 short horror stories (13 is nearly 500, relatively speaking) which is like… I dunno, like $.15 a story or something? I don’t feel like doing math right now.

Places to purchase it are on the link above! Please buy it or I will guilt trip you about how my cat died last week. It was very sad.

RIP Biscuit

Do this in remembrance of the Bees Cat.

Apologies to Søren Kierkegaard

I’ve seen a Kierkegaard quote floating on social media lately and I decided to do some tweaking to make it more contemporary.

Once upon a time, the circus was in town. It was the clown’s turn to go out, and right as he was doing so, he noticed a fire backstage. He went to the crowd and said, “There’s a fire backstage, please exit calmly.” The crowd laughed. He repeated himself. The crowd laughed even harder. At this point, the clown begins to panic. “Everyone, get out right now, there’s a fire backstage!” The crowd laughed even harder, gasping for breath. Finally, the clown ran to safety, and the people began rolling in the aisles about that. A minute later, a team of firefighters broke in, and the fire marshal shouted, “Everyone leave! There’s a fire backstage! Why are you even still here?” And as they fled, they said, “No one told us there was a fire!”